The TRANSPLAN Committee
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About Us

About the TRANSPLAN Committee
Updated 12/8 /2020

The TRANSPLAN Committee coordinates the regional transportation interests of the communities in eastern Contra Costa County. Similar committees serve the other parts of the county (see Links page).

Member Governments
The five member governments of TRANSPLAN include the Cities of Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley and Pittsburg, and Contra Costa County. In addition to the four cities, the region includes the unincorporated communities of Bay Point, Bethel Island, Byron, Discovery Bay and Knightsen, which are governed by the County.

The representatives who serve on TRANSPLAN are elected officials and planning commissioners from the five member governments.

Jurisdiction TRANSPLAN
Alternate Appointment
City of Antioch Lamar Thorpe  
City of Brentwood Joel Bryant
City of Oakley Aaron Meadows  
City of Pittsburg Holland White


Contra Costa County Diane Burgis
Federal D. Glover
Antioch Planning Commission Kerry Motts  
Brentwood Planning Commission Anita Roberts  
Pittsburg Planning Commission Sarah Foster  
Oakley Planning Commission Anissa Williams  
Contra Costa County Planning Commission (TBD)  
TRANSPLAN Committee Officers
Current CCTA Appointments
* CCTA Appointee for even year (2/1/2020 to 1/30/2022) term/CCTA Administration & Projects Committee Member
** CCTA Appointee alternate for even year term
*** CCTA Appointee for odd year (2/1/2019 to 1/30/2021) term/CCTA Planning Committee Member
**** CCTA Appointee alternate for odd year term

Monthly Meetings
The TRANSPLAN Committee meets on the second Thursday evening of each month, in the Board Room of the Tri Delta Transit building, 801 Wilbur Avenue in Antioch.  The starting time is 6:30 p.m.  TRANSPLAN is one of several East County transportation committees that all meet on the same evening in the same room, one right after the other. 

Sometimes meetings are cancelled if there are no pressing agenda items.  If you plan to attend and will be coming a long distance, please call (925) 674-7832 on the day before, or the day of the meeting, to make sure the meeting has not been cancelled.

Technical Advisory Committee Roster
The Technical Advisory Committee consists of transportation professionals who work for the five member governments and other transportation agencies in the area.  The Technical Advisory Committee meets on the third Tuesday afternoon of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the Antioch City Hall, 3rd and H Streets, Antioch.

Jurisdiction or Agency Technical Advisory Committee Participant(s)
Antioch Bailey Grewal
Brentwood Steve Kersevan**
Oakley Jason Kabalin*
Pittsburg Celina Palmer*, ‡
Contra Costa County Robert Sarmiento
BART Ricki Wells
Contra Costa Transportation Authority Matt Kelly, Colin Clarke
511 Contra Costa Corinne Dutra-Roberts, Kirsten Riker
Tri Delta Transit Agustin Diaz
TRANSPLAN staff John Cunningham
State Route 4 Bypass Authority;
and East Contra Costa Regional Fee & Financing Authority
Dale Dennis, Nancy Wein
Caltrans (State Department of Transportation) Zachary Chop
* Indicates appointee or **alternate appointee to the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)

Indicates appointee to the Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Staff Support
Staff support for TRANSPLAN is provided by the Conservation and Development Department of Contra Costa County. Minutes of the monthly meetings are taken by an independent contractor, Anita Tucci-Smith.

Guiding Documents
East County Action Plan For Routes of Regional Significance (Final-September 2017) (3 mb)

TRANSPLAN Joint Excercise of Powers Agreement

The TRANSPLAN Committee�s annual budget for fiscal year 2018/2019 is $31,000. The budget is paid through equal contributions from each of the five member governments.