The TRANSPLAN Committee
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The TRANSPLAN Committee coordinates the transportation interests of the communities in eastern Contra Costa County, California.

This region, known locally as �East County,� has been one of the fastest growing residential areas in California for more than a decade.  With its population now approaching a third of a million people and still growing, the region�s infrastructure is overburdened, particularly the transportation system.  In addition to local transportation needs within East County, there is a heavy out-commute every day from East County�s residential areas to job centers that are miles away in Concord, Livermore, Pleasanton, Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the Bay Area and beyond.  This has created a need for major improvements to the transportation system.  

Since our transportation system hasn�t kept up with this surging population, East County is working on numerous efforts to expand its system of streets and highways, public transportation and bikeways.

The pages in this website provide information about TRANSPLAN and the transportation needs of eastern Contra Costa County. If you need additional information, please contact us. Check our regional map for the location of East Contra Costa County within the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The TRANSPLAN Committee gratefully acknowledges the web hosting services provided by 511 Contra Costa.
The TRANSPLAN Transportation Demand Management Pr511 Contra Costaogram implements vehicle trip reduction programs using the ‘511 Contra Costa’ brand. Programs include Employer Outreach to assist employers with development of trip reduction programs, bicycle programs, carpool and transit incentive programs and other projects to encourage commuters and students to try an alternative to driving alone to work, or school. Visit for more details.

For the latest on East County transportation issues see the News Digest...









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